A New Adventure

In May I left a job I loved to follow my husband in his career ambitions.  As my career path is rather narrow, finding employment myself has been difficult and, so far, fruitless.  So, for the time being, I’m a stay at home mom.  It’s been a transition I’m not entirely sure I was prepared for.  My children are fairly well behaved, yet they are still a handful.  I’m learning how to care for them while dealing with the depression brought on by the loss of a job I loved dearly.  I decided to start this blog mostly as a way to consolidate my thoughts and share my journey.  I am learning about my new state, Texas, and spending a lot more time with my children.  So far I’ve learned that there are few R&D genetics jobs for someone without a PhD here in the Dallas area and that my children are obsessed with Minecraft (possibly unhealthily so).  I will continue to update this as I become more familiar with my new life.